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 We are talking about the American top 3 film festivals. Festivals are a cultural part like film festivals everybody knows of them. Anyone has dreams that they will be attending one of the bigger ones. Film festivals give us movie lovers entertainment and information on the movies. Mostly the bigger film festivals are to movies than E3 and TGS and like a video games.  However, They are the occasions that the hardcore lovers impatiently anticipate every year to get the primary glimpse at what's going to actually be the coming year's largest films

Top 3 Film festivals

Therefore the film gala's give independent filmmakers and work to sincerely target audience permitting the artwork of cinema to enlarge and the filmmaker's paintings to be preferred. Therefore we talk about the top three film galas inside the USA. There is the Top 3 film festivals' table content.


  1. Sundance Film Festival
  2. Tribeca film festival
  3. Telluride Film Festival


Sundance film Festival 2023


Firstly Sundance Film Festival is the most popular festival. It is organized by the Sundance institute it takes place every month of January in Park City, Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah; It brings people together the most original storytellers and the most adventurous audiences for its yearly program of dramatic. This is the premiere festival for independent films. However, It has good experience in virtual reality as you know documentaries, short and; New Frontier films, performances, exhibitions, and episodic storytelling. . As such, many of the greater filmmakers got their big break by premiering at Sundance. If you want to read about the Music festivals.

 As you know Seeing that in 1985, hundreds of movies launched at the festival received an important reputation and reached international audiences keen on fresh views and new voices. The festival has grown to huge proportions therefore Hollywood has gotten an extra advantage. However, we talk about the top 3 film festivals. Firstly, We are informing you about the film festival deadline.

Sundance film festival 2023

Deadline and Entry Fees






Feature Film

Aug,12 Rs $70

Sept,02 Rs,S90

Sept,26  Rs 115

Short Film

Aug 01 Rs $45

Aug,19 Rs.$ 65

Sept.05 Rs $85

New frontier project

Aug 05 Rs $45

Aug, 22Rs.$ 65

Sept,09 Rs.$85

Episodic Content

Aug,08 Rs $45

Aug,26 Rs $ 65

Sept.12 Rs.$85


If you want to take a ticket Kindly contact customer support,

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Tribeca film festival


Certainly, Tribeca has multi-platforms It becomes founded with the aid of Robert De Niro, Craig Hatkoff, and Jane Rosenthal in 2003. This festival was launched after the 9/11 attacks. It offers artists unique platforms to expand and target the audience for their work and broadens consumer access to experience storytelling


 Most Importantly, It is one of the youngest festivals, Tribeca has managed to rapidly rise in prestige, becoming one of the most prominent film festivals in the world. Due to the rapid success of the festive, Tribeca has become the most important showcase and a great opportunity for independent filmmakers to make a name for themselves. The offerings at Tribeca range from independent feature films of all stripes to documentaries to short films, to even family films.


 Telluride Film Festival


Secondly, The Telluride Film Festival is a film festival that has been held annually since 1973. The festival takes place in the historic, yet small, mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. The festival is known for its unique programming such as Q&A sessions with filmmakers and actors before the film, and for its films - both in their content and their quality


However, The Telluride Film Festival was founded in 1973 by Bill Pence, who had just moved to Telluride from New York City and wanted to bring big-city culture to his new hometown. Therefore, It started with a showing of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" at the Sheridan Opera House.


The Telluride Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. However, It was started in 1973 by Bill Pence, who had just moved to Telluride from New York City and wanted to bring big-city culture to his new hometown. The festival started with a showing of "The Godfather" and has grown exponentially over the years, now hosting some of Hollywood's best films.


Most importantly, the New York Film Festival is the most popular film event Therefore, This festival is understood for being so selective. Screening for few films than some festivals, it is taken into consideration an honor to even be selected. Because It says a lot while simply being part of the festival is considered an award in itself. They tend to focus on bringing Brilliant Films to audiences and giving waiver good going experiences.

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