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Shandur Polo Festival celebrate every year the Highest polo ground in Chitral.

A three-day Shandoor Polo Festival celebrated  in district Chitral every year  from 7th July to 9th July held on the Shondur pass in Chitral valley. This free style match play between Gilgit baltistan and Chitral team the Shandur polo ground. Shandur is the world highest polo ground and high is 3800 meters. this polo festival celebrate inaugurated every year the Pakistan high official person. On the occasion of polo festival  celebrate in Shandur Valley is a break through reflecting that peace in Pakistan. On this year not held shandur polo festival due to Covid-19 pandemic .

Pakistan arrange Shandur Festival, traditional Match and  dance

Pakistanis have extraordinary abilities skills which will be utilized for prosperity and development of the country. Different colorful programmers including Paragliding, food stalls and traditional dances arrange in the Shondur Polo festival. that more than twenty thousand tourists have arrived in  every year the area on  the Polo festival to enjoy the traditional polo tournament. Every year high official person is chief guest on the occasion said the present government is committed to encourage sports and other healthy activities in the province. Therefore billions of rupees allocated for Shandur polo festival. On this occasion to held some traditional local long jump and Para-gliding competitions,

Shandur Polo festival place

The Global tourists come to Pakistan visit to shandur and Enjoy this Festival

Every year 22000 thousand international tourists come to Pakistan and watch this beautiful polo festival in the world highest polo Ground.,Shandur Polo Festival is the world’s biggest festival and welcomes Polo lovers from all across the globe.
Every year, the beautiful and mesmerizing peaks of Chitral and Gilgit celebrate this festival during the second week of July. The  polo lovers, dignitaries and tourism  come over all the world to celebrate this festival The Shandur Polo Festival normally begins by the 7th of July during the second week all year. It is held at the highest Polo sports arena at Shandur Pass at the altitude of 3720 meters. Other than just the tournament, the visitors reach to enjoy the traditional different cultural dancing, camping, and folk music. Participate and dance to the tunes of native music.

Weather and Food Shandur festival

On the Summer time but the weather is very cold in shandur Valley because it is the world highest polo ground .if you want visit to shandur valley and watch this amazing Polo Festival. You have to need some arrangement for three days stay there. Due to this occasion people make traditional food and the visitors are enjoy this food.

The Shandur Way is amazing natural beauty

two ways you can go to shandur polo ground 1st from Gilgit baltistan to pundar and 2nd  way from Chitral to shandur pass. You Can view hundreds of peaks including Tirich Mir 7,708m in the Hindukush  Mountain ,Nanga Parbat , Himalaya  you view five big Rivers (Kunar, Chitral, Gilgit, Indus), tributaries  and streams Malakand appendix, Lowari Pass 3,118 m or Lowari Tunnel 10.4 kms, Shandur Pass 4,173m  & Babusar Pass 3,700m Valleys of Pakistan including Dir, Chitral, Yasin, Punial, Naran and Kaghan Lakes including Shandur, Phandar, Khalti and Lulusar.

Hindustan Mountain  Gilgit baltistan Chitral

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