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Kalash Festival is the world unique Festivals to celebrate every year

Kalash valley is situated in the Chitral district of Pakistan. This valley has a historic background. Kalash is a Greek civilization and the people have their own religion and culture. The people here live in small villages which are built on the hillsides. These villages are at the banks of the streams and rivers.

Kalash Festival is one of the most unique for many in Pakistan and other countries on the earth. Kalasha people celebrate many festivals around the year.  There are three main Festivals to celebrate every year. 1st Chilam Joshi (spring festival) 2nd  Choimus (winter festival)  3rd Uchal (summer festival).

Kalash Festival 1st Chilam Joshi (Spring)

Chilam Joshi Festival is one of the most vital and important Kalash festivals.  The Kalash people celebrate this festival Four days  in Pakistan Chitral District across all three Kalash valleys 1st Rumbur 2nd Bumburet 3rd  Birir. A large number of People domestic and foreign tourists attend the Chilam Joshi festival every year.

Chilam Joshi begins with “Milk day”. Ten days prior to celebrated the festival, The Kalasha people store milk from their households. On the day of the festival, the Kalash people offer their libation. The Kalash festival reflects their unique cultural richness, the harmony in their society, and the message of peace to the globe. They ask for blessing from God and pray for a prosperous year of agriculture the health and safety of their herds.

The main objective and aim behind the Kalash festival of Chilam Joshi are that Kalasha men and women can find themselves a spouse to get married. The women wear the world's unique traditional attire with lively colors and hair dresses have patterns of flowers on them. They wear beaded necklaces that complement their dresses and headgears.

Men wear traditional Shalwar Kameez with a waistcoat made of wool. They dance together and sing in a circle on drum beats. Every year celebrate this festival brings a smile to the bachelors and spinsters of Kalash Valley tribes as it gives them an opportunity to choose their life partners and announce their names on the last day of the festival.

Kalash Festivals Unchal Summer

Kalash Festivals Uchal Summer

 Uchal is a summer festival of Kalash people. Kalasha people during this festival every year pay homage to God by celebrating the harvest and also thanking their God for blessing them with good food and crops. Corn and cheese are prepared to celebrate the Unchal summer festival.

People of Kalash take a procession to a high plateau which is located  different village in Balangkuru and they pray to God and this is where the long night of dancing begins. This Kalash festival is moved to different locations of the valleys and it continues for several days.

Kalash Festivals Unchal Summer

Kalash Festival   Choimus  Winter

Choimus festival begins on the winter solstice and holds great importance among the Kalasha people. Choimus is a winter celebrated Kalash people this festival. The annually observed event symbolizes and forecasts the prosperity of the village and its people in the coming year. The locals perform rituals for purification during the festival at the dawn of the new year.
Large numbers of people go out to seek foxes which are a good omen to sight at this time. the people of Kalash arrive from nearby villages at the main traditional dancing place and this place called a “Charsue”. The Kalash people are held indoor winter festivities and dancing that go late into the night as the local wine is handed around the bonfire.

The people gather at hilltops to watch the rising sun of the new year that is followed by goat sacrifices made to the Goddess, “Jastak”, and the blood is sprinkled at the temple Jastar khan.
Kalash Festival   Choimus  Winter

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