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Kalash Chilam Joshi Spring Festival  celebration

The Four-day Chilam Joshi spring festival from 13th May,2020 to 16th May ,2020 of Kalash people concluded in Bumburate valley Chitral  with the ritual dance by young men and women at the Centre of the valley.
This year round the event was sombre due to coronavirus pandemic as non-locals and tourists were not allowed to enter the Chitral valleys during the Chilam Joshii spring festival. It was for the first time that only the Kalash people were celebrated the spring festival present in the concluding event which used to attract large any crowds from other parts of the country.
It is the most important festival of all the local festivals, during this Chilam Joshi festival which it is mandatory for every person of the religion to observe certain rituals.
The festival marks the arrival of summer season and provides an opportunity to the visitors to witness the lifestyle of the Kalash people, a distinct minority in the Muslim-majority Chitral district, in their three valleys including Bamburet, Birir and Rambur They celebrated the departure of the harsh winter and arrival of spring and summer in their own unique way. Chilim jushi festival is celebrated in the of May every year by the Kalash people to thank their god Goshidai as they believe it protects their herds during spring and summer seasons.

The preparations normally starts about 40 days before its commencement as the Kalash people renovate their houses, replace old house appliances and beddings with new ones and stitch new clothes.
The dancing by men and women also gave an unattractive sight as they had to remain at a certain distance from each other against their customary practice of performing in groups of Six to eight and hugging each other.
Before arriving at the central place in Charsu, the Kalash men and women accompanied by children’s reached a nearby grassy ground from different villages all Chitral valley Where they held a special session of collective sang and dancing in praise of their near and dear ones who have died.
Afterwards, they all left for Charsu in a procession waving green twigs of their hands escorted by smartly dressed young boys and girls.
Chilam Joshi spring festival begins with “Milk day”. Before of ten days prior to the festival, The Kalasha people store milk from their houses. On the day of the Chilam Joshi festival the people of Kalash offer their libation. this spring festival reflects their unique cultural richness, the harmony in their society and message of peace to the global. They ask for blessing from the God and pray for a prosperous year of agriculture and health and safety of their herds.
The main Aim of Kalash festival of Chilam Joshi is that Kalasha boy and Girl can find themselves a spouse to get married. The women wear traditional local attire with lively colors and hair dresses have patterns of flowers on it. They wear beaded necklaces which compliments their dresses and head gears.
The Kalash people started their farming activities a day after the festival and many people of them leave for the pastures in the highlands with their goats and remain there till September.

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