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 How to Celebrate all festival day in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of festivals where different festivals are celebrated with great sincerity throughout the year. In Pakistan, people of all religions celebrate their festival together whether it is the Diwali of Hindus, Eid of Muslims, Lohri of Sikhs or Christmas of Christians. All festivals in Pakistan are celebrated with joy and passion. We can divide the festivals celebrated in Pakistan into three ways such as national festivals, religious festivals, and seasonal festivals. All festivals have their own special significance and the way to celebrate them is also different. Among the national festivals, Pakistan Day 23 March, Independence 14 August, Allama Iqbal day, etc. are the main festivals. Religious festivals include Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc. and Religious festivals include  Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid –ul Adha, Eid ul Malad Nabi, Shab-e- Barat, Shab –e-Qadar. Shab-e-Miraj and, Navroz day festival celebrates Spring air the Persian new year happiness & joy the festival is old and unique.
Importance of Festival

The importance of all festivals varies from person to person. For children, the festival day is a day of celebrations, sports, and food, some people celebrate the festival day with their friends and family and for others, it is a day of rest. Many programs like essay competition, poetry writing, speech, etc. are also organized in schools, colleges, and offices on national, religious, and seasonal festivals. You can read essays, speeches, poems, messages, etc. on major festivals of Pakistan from this page. A list of all the festivals is given below, by clicking on it you can know about those festivals.

Eid is one of the major festivals of Muslims. It is of two types. The first is sweet Eid and the second is goat Eid. Sweet Eid is also known as Eid-ul-Fitr. On the other hand, Bakra Eid is also called Bakrid or Eid-ul-Azha. This festival is considered to be the happiest festival for the Muslim community. Eid is calculated through the Hizzi calendar and the rise of the moon. Many times Eid is celebrated on different days in different places.

The month of Ramadan comes before sweet Eid. It is considered to be the holiest month of the Muslim people. In the month of Ramadan people of religious instinct fast from sunrise to sunset. Lent is opened after sunset by reciting Namaz. Opening Roza is also known as Iftar or Iftari. Ramadan lasts for a full month. Prayers are offered five times a day in this month. Donations are also given to the poor. All people shop according to their requirement. On the day of Mithi Eid, dishes and siwis are made. Everyone lovingly embraces each other and congratulates and wishes. There is also a tradition of giving a small number of Idi to yourself at this festival.

Sacrifice  Eid is the biggest festival of Muslim society after Mithi Eid. Namaz has first performed on the day of sacrifice Eid. The goat is sacrificed after the namaz. It is compulsory for financially capable people to sacrifice. Sacrifice has a special significance on Bakrid. After the sacrifice, the first part is kept for the poor. After separating the share of the poor, it is also distributed among their friends and relatives.

There is a belief that a Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim had no children. His son was born after praying to God. One day he had a dream. In which it was said to sacrifice the sweetest thing in it. Taking this as the command of God, he agreed to sacrifice his son. Closing his eyes, he offered the sacrifice. When he opened his eyes after the sacrifice, he saw his son playing. Allah had changed the sheep (Domba) instead of a son. Since then the practice of male sheep began. Thus, this festival inspires us to fight against evil and forget discrimination.

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